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23 ft Cutter

18 ft Cutter

16 ft Cutter

Harvey Towing Torpedo (no date)

Method of fitting guns to the launch of Phaeton...

Congreve's method of fitting carronades to 74 gun...

A launch platform for holding a 68 pounder...

18 pounder Joint Carronade

Naval carriage and Pivot Slide for a 64 pounder...

After Powder Room for a 74 gun Ship

6 pounder Carronade fitted to Revenue Cutters

Carronade slide for Quarter Deck and Forecastle...

18 pound Carronade

Portable air boat

Truck for transporting Gigs and Whalers

Truck for transporting Gigs and Whalers

Carriage for transporting Cutters


Confiance (1827)

Pomone (1845)


section, midship

Knees, Beam

Knees, Beam

Stowage of ballast for large Frigates (50-60 guns)

Proposed iron bulkheads for the holds of ships

Clyde (1796); Tamar (1796) [Alternative spelling:...

Proposal for a chain shackle attachment

Scuppers for Ships of the Line and Frigates

Proposal for fitting scuppers to Ships of the Line

Stern board decoration for an unnamed First Rate

Stern board decoration for a Third Rate,...

Pomone (1794)

Unnnamed vessel (no date)

Section abaft the Mizzen Mast to illustrate the...

Section at the after part of the Fore Hatchway to...

Section at Stations 3, 5 and 6 to illustrate the...

Wash Deck Pump for a 74 gun Ship (c1825)

Pumping system as designed by Captain Truscott...

Dodgson's Double Headed Pump as fitted to Janus...