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Howe (1815)

Howe (1815)

32 ft Cutter

Whitehead torpedo (no date)

Gun carriages for Steamships and Gunboats...

32 pounder bow gun

28 ft Cutter

Elevation and depression angles for guns

9 pounder Gun and Carriage (1826)

The fitting of illuminators to gunports in ships...

18 pounder Trunnion Carronade

Edinburgh (1811)

13 inch Mortar and Bed (1825)

Proposed Magazine lantern

Gun and Carriage details for revenue cutters

Details for boat release and attachment apparatus

pump, deck washing

Carriage for transporting Gigs

Windsor Castle (1858)

Horatio (1807); Eurotas (1829)

Ocean (1805)



Ballast for a 60 gun Frigate; Winchester (1822)

Proposed new method of fixing keels to 74 gun...

Proposed new method of fixing keels to 74 gun...

Counter rails on 32-gun ships

Metal bolts for fastening fir-built Frigates

Proposed method of keeping the Deadeyes in place...

Vengeance (1774)

Gun deck (lower deck) scupper for a 74 gun ship

Proposals for making the gun ports watertight on...

Scuttle fitting for Frigates, Sloops, and smaller...

Belle Poule (1806)

Canopus (1798); Armada (1810)

Proposed Rudder modifications for 74 gun ships

Head and Bow of an unnamed First Rate

Stern board decoration for an unknown Third Rate...

Proposed enlargement to the Bread Rooms for...

Proposed midship section for a 74-gun Third Rate,...