Error pages you’ll be happy to see!

Posted on 18.08.2014 by Sašo Zagoranski

Like on all webpages, errors happen on Museums.EU as well. There are two types of errors that are most common. “Page not found” – also known by its error code “404” – happens when you click a link but the linked page doesn’t exist anymore.

The other one is the dreaded “Server error” page – known by the error code “500”. This one happens when we did something wrong. What exactly? Could be that the server is too busy or we made a mistake when coding the website.

When mistakes do happen, websites usually inform you about the error and show you a special “error page”.

We wanted to have a little fun with ours, so we created special error pages!

Page Not Found Error

This is the page you will see, when a page is missing:


As you can see from the image, it wasn’t our fault! It’s clearly another example of cats dominating the internet, where the page you were looking for was stolen by a sneaky museum cat!

You can see the live page by following this link:

Server Error

And in case something goes wrong with our server, you’ll see that our cat administration team has already been notified and is busy fixing the problem. Here’s how this process looks like:


You can click through a live sample of this page here:

While we hope you won’t see these pages often, we hope that when you do, our team of cat security, administrators and thieves will make you smile!

Let us know what you think of our new error pages by tweeting to @MuseumsTweets, commenting on our Facebook page /MuseumsOfTheWorld or by emailing us at!