Download our new iTunes U course and Multi-Touch Book on the First World War!

Whether you’re a school student or a WW1 enthusiast, you can now discover the different causes leading to the First World War with our new iTunes U course and Multi-Touch Book.


The book and related course, available on iTunes in both Dutch and English, use fascinating historical materials to bring the months and years before the outbreak of war into focus. Many of these sources are drawn from Europeana 1914-1918, our dedicated WW1 site which brings together hundreds of thousands of items related to the war from heritage institutions and members of the public across Europe. From postcards and political cartoons, to maps and propaganda, the story of the crisis is told from a whole range of voices and perspectives.

There are also plenty of interactive assignments you can complete to help you come to your own conclusions about how the war began. From studying handwritten letters between a German soldier and a young British woman, to creating your own factual timeline of events, you’ll practice the crucial skills any budding historian needs.



We hope you enjoy Europeana’s first Multi-Touch Book and iTunes U course. We’d love to hear about your experiences using it, so feel free to leave comments below!

Download the English Multi-Touch book and iTunes U course

Download the Dutch Multi-Touch book and iTunes U course



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